Conipe Construction and Incorporated Limited founded in 1996 in order to undertake the civil construction industry has been carrying out different projects, looking to fulfill a specific audience always with the goal of organization, quality and timeliness of their enterprises.

Starting in the business of the incorporation of Buildings and running their own projects, the company strives for quality and timeliness of their enterprises in order to strictly meet the services and projects offered to its customers.

Over the years Conipe has been consolidated in the market, doing different projects and broadening its scope of action, seeking to meet the needs of the market always making quality products and meeting the many particularities of the same, by participating in technology, innovation and "enforcement" thereby contributing to improvement and quality of projects executed and satisfaction of its customers and partners.

quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are either based in Construction Conipe that seek to meet more and more.

Thinking this way practice in enterprise policy: - Build, practicing participatory management decisions, increasingly seeking quality and satisfaction of our customers and our employees.


Social Responsability

Given the present and future concerns Conipe Construction in the business that operates seeks interaction and social and environmental concerns, over the years trying to improve their participation in these areas in relation to services running by offering better working conditions and environment environment thus contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future.

Thinking about it the company has done in his works along with support from other institutions:

:: Basic Education Program in Jobsite – For the workers of Construction - Elementary and Update. Contributing to information and education of its employees was implemented in their worksites Education program for their employees.

:: Waste Management Program  in order to contribute to a healthier work environment and meet future concerns with urban garbage. The Conipe Construction has been keeping in their worksites program undertaken since the 2005 Waste Management to ensure the separation and disposal of waste generated by the works, trying to educate their team work, suppliers, shippers and consignees end of the importance of management organized waste to better use and allocation of those seeking to improve and contribute to a healthier environment and organized.

:: Trainings in their work  in order to educate and re-educate the habits of employees and processes involved in contributing to a cleaner environment and comfortable.



Image of a company must be an expression of its essence and the goods and services it performed over the years. Thinking about it Conipe cares about each project and how the run, always aiming for quality of their works. 
We understand that in addition to the basic principles of sustainability seriously and the company has its premise in the items below that it considers of fundamental importance: 

  • Ethics and Responsibility and Respect for all,

  • Customer Satisfaction - recognized the quality products that performs and develops over the years. 

  • Punctuality in services performed in accordance with the performance of their projects and contracts, always taking care to meet the basic tripod of any project: timeliness, quality and cost thereof. 

  • Relationship with their employees, customers and the direct and indirect particiipantes ventures, seeking create a lasting relationship and true partnership, all based on trust, integrity and friendliness.

  • Differentiation in attendance, based on build quality, seriousness and professionalism, contributing to product differentiation and functional.

  • Offer and ensure product quality from the conception of design to final product, always offering differentiated products and contributing to the improvement of the projects executed.


Recognizing and considering how important the company MDO of its employees - the company's main base is a key issue Satisfaction / Service / seriousness to employees to meet the best way possible for all employees having as goal to valorizaçãoeo recognition of workers in each sector of the company.

Valuing Hand-to-Work


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Av Tancredo Neves, Edf Catabas Tower, 1222, Sala 907 - Cep: 41820-020 - Salvador - BA
Telefax: 71 3341-2754  |  E-mail: conipe@conipe.com.br

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